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How Menstrual Cups Enhance Female Hygiene

Be it the convenience of use or affordability, a silicone sanitary cup or shecup trumps over all other options available to women during the menstruation. But did you know that it is better from the overall hygiene perspective as well? Owing to the several fallacies attached to a menstrual cup, young girls and women have been shying away from using it. So, we are here to break those misconceptions and help you understand how and why a shecup is more hygienic than a tampon or sanitary pad. We will also explain the most searched ‘menstrual cup how to wear’ query for all the readers. 

 Ensure a Safe and Hygienic Period with Menstrual Cups   

 A menstrual cup is a bell-shaped cup made from silicone that is inserted into the vaginal tract to contain the menstrual discharge. A single cup can be used for up to 12 hours, after which you just have to clean it and the cup is ready to use again. You can use one shecup for up to 10 years, that’s how much long-lasting and durable it is. That said the most contributing aspect of a menstrual cup is the way it enhances female hygiene during the period. 

  • The shecup is made from health-grade, non-toxic, and non-allergic silicone that prevents any kind of infection or rash, irritation, allergies, etc.

  • Unlike tampons which carry the risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), a menstrual cup is safer, even when you are wearing it for long hours.

  • Since it is made from silicone, the cup can be sterilised and used without any toxic hazard. 

  • Unlike sanitary pads that often lead to a foul odour or a feel of discomfort due to the wetness, a shecup contains and holds the menstrual fluid creating a suction-lock that is both hygienic and comfortable.    

  • A menstrual cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, without the need for any change in between, ensuring a long night’s sleep without any tension of leakage or staining. 

These essential aspects of a menstrual cup prove that it is more hygienic, convenient, and safe, compared to sanitary pads and tampons of the highest quality, not to mention highly affordable.  

 Menstrual Cup How to Wear: Step by Step Hygienic Process

 A lot of women avoid using menstrual cups because they are confused regarding the use and the insertion process. Some think that it might hurt them, while others feel that it come out causing a mess. You will face neither when following the steps given below:

1.     The first step is sterilising the shecup for 20 mins in boiling water to make it safe for use.

2.     Now you need to hold it, and while placing a finger on the rim of the cup punch fold it, pressing it down.

3.     Follow-up by gently inserting it inside and once it inside, release the fold for the shecup to pop open.

4.     You need to push the shecup slightly further so that the cup creates a suction to catch and hold the menstrual discharge, ensuring zero leakage. 

5.     The shecup’s knob should be even with the opening of the vagina.

With shecup as your choice of feminine sanitary product, you can experience a comfortable, convenient, and safe period. 


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